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Check out our impressive Western and Indian music teacher biographies below to meet our entire team. For teachers that specialize in specific instruments or voice, click on the corresponding button below.

theatre teachers
bollywood music teacher

B.S. Music from University of Kansas, Specializing in Jazz and Marching band

Drums & Band Director

Alex Doolittle

bollywood music teacher

Classical, Jazz, Blues and Pop Singer and Piano Player/Teacher.

Western Vocals and Piano (Classical & Contemporary)

Alicia Deckard

bollywood music teacher

A playback singer, lyricist, composer and a stage performer from Kerala..

Carnatic Classical & Light, Hindustani Vocals

Aswathy Vijayan

bollywood music teacher

BA In Music specializing in Jazz Vocals

Western Vocals and Piano

Carolina Santos

bollywood music teacher

Chitra Sridhar has been singing Carnatic Classical music since the age of four, and has studied with legendary vocalists such as Maharajapuram Santhanam and Smt R Vedavalli.

Indian Voice (Carnatic Classical)

Chitra Sridhar

bollywood music teacher

With over 19 years of experience on the guitar, Curtis emphasizes applying proper vocal and instrumental technique tailored to the student’s individual needs.

Guitar, Piano, and Western Voice

Curtis Park

bollywood music teacher

An eclectic taste with fluency and mastery in many styles of music such as: rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, funk, and classical.

Ph.D, Classical Guitar and Piano

Dr. Joe Carbone

bollywood music teacher

Gabriel has been involved with music throughout his life, starting with the piano at the age of 5. Throughout high-school, he has been involved with many musical projects ranging from classical ensembles to rock bands.

Guitar and Piano

Gabriel Evangelista

bollywood music teacher

B. Muse (Sangeet Prabhakar) holder in Classical Vocal from Prayag Sangit Samity, Allahabad.

Indian Voice (Hindustani Classical)

Gopika Sinha

bollywood music teacher

Indu started learning Carnatic music at the age of 8. With her father’s Army job, she travelled and lived in various parts of India.

Carnatic Classical & Light

Indu Gnanaprakasam

bollywood music teacher

Brings repertoire from Colombian and Latin styles, and diversity of salsa and jazz bands from Colombia...

Ph.D, Classical Guitar and Piano

Juan Sossa

bollywood music teacher

Holds a Masters of Music in Classical Vocals and Performance.

Western Voice (Contemporary and Classical)

Kari Hart

bollywood music teacher

Popularly known as Parthu, Parthu is an Indian Telugu Playback singer with rich classical music background. Parthu rendered more than 100 film songs and sung more than 2000 private songs in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada.

Indian Voice

ParthaSarathy Nemani

bollywood music teacher

A graduate from Berklee College of Music, Ms. Purvaa holds a dual degree in Western Music Performance and Therapy.

Western and Indian Voice

Purvaa Sampath

bollywood music teacher

A Top Graded Artiste of All India Radio, Dr. Ramaa brings a wealth of knowledge in Carnatic Classical..

Carnatic Classical

Ramaa Pusthakam

bollywood music teacher

An elementary music teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools....

Piano (Classical & Contemporary)

Stephen Gliatto

bollywood music teacher

An eclectic drummer with vast styles of musical knowledge, Steven studied at Berklee School of Music..

Drum, Piano, Guitar from Berklee School of Music

Steven Velasquez

bollywood music teacher

Swetha Ashok is an Indian Playback Singer, who is well known for her work in the Malayalam Film industry. She rose to fame as a child when she won the reality show Munch Star Singer in the year 2008.

Carnatic Classical & Light

Swetha Ashok

bollywood music teacher

Brings experience from masterclasses for renowned artists and Classical guitar styles...

Ph.D, Classical Guitar and Piano

Thomas Creek

bollywood music teacher

An All India Radio artist from Visakhapatnam, India. She has performed ...

A.I.R, Carnatic Classical and Light

Umarani Pandiri

bollywood music teacher

A passionate musician and teacher, Veena's dream is to make music enjoyable to all...

Founder & CEO, Carnatic Classical & Light

Veena Pandiri

bollywood music teacher

A beautiful blend of classical and non-classical plays on his violin..

Violin - Carnatic & Light

Vishnu Ashok

Western & Indian Music Teachers & Team Biographies 

Notes n’ Beats is taught by Western and Indian music teachers who have a passion for teaching a wide range of music that runs the gamut from the latest hits on the radio to classical Indian music. Our experienced teachers specialize in specific genres such as piano, guitar, Indian voice, and Western voice. We started many years ago in 2005 by teaching music to children of family and friends in the neighborhood.  Seeing the amazing development in those children unleashed the passion in us for teaching music in a way that resonates with children the most.  Over the years, we have developed a program that is fun and engaging to our students - children and adults alike. 

We are a team of professional music teachers who feels a strong responsibility to keep music education alive and accessible to all. We believe that music is crucial to one's development and growth - most importantly, we believe that music can become one's soul mate for life. Additionally, music education is beneficial for cognitive development—many research centers have published studies on how music education improves cognitive abilities in children in other subjects like mathematics.


At Notes N’ Beats, we also find ourselves in the unique position to bring together the best of two, rich, worlds of music - Indian and Western.  As Western and Indian music teachers, we believe in a strong foundation of Classical music, but we also allow for creative freedom in the classroom—our students explore many other genres of music like Rock, Pop, Theatre and Bollywood.  Our curriculum provides multiple educational tracks for students to pursue - A) Western music only, B) Indian music only, or C) A combination of the two. These curriculum tracks are unique to our school, in that our curriculum intertwines the complexities and nuances of both cultures of music, providing powerful insight into how Indian and Western music genres compare and contrast with one another. In 2021, we have enhanced our curriculum to incorporate this unique approach in our lessons beginning from a student's first day of lessons. 


Our music school challenges the traditional methods of teaching by including hands-on projects, performances, recitals, and our newest program called "Creative Immersion". Additionally, our teachers help students prepare for recitals, competitions, performances, and certification exams that further enhance each student’s musical education.

We are humbled and proud to be able to bring music to you! 

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