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Music Lessons Ashburn, Va

Kids & Adults

Our belief

Music is all around us.  It expresses emotions and tells stories.  It defines culture.  It is an experience - very personal to oneself!

We believe that once you discover the beauty and love for music, you will have found a companion for life!  So, we consciously find creative ways to partner with our students to inculcate the LOVE and RESPECT for music.  

We truly believe that a foundation in music is a necessity for every individual and most importantly, during early childhood years.  There is an increasing amount of research and evidence proving the many positive benefits of music to help reduce stress and also in the areas of improving discipline and focus especially, happiness.  

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But there are so many schools and teachers today!  Why Notes n' Beats?

Our program has evolved over the years into a meticulously crafted curriculum, drawing from the collective experiences of countless students and teachers. With insights gleaned from hundreds of individuals, we've refined our approach to music education, earning a reputation for excellence in diversity and performance.

What sets our music apart is this: BOLD. UNIQUE. DIVERSE. EXCELLENCE.  Spanning from the intricate melodies of Indian classical music to the dynamic rhythms of Western compositions, our rich tapestry of musical genres bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, captivating the younger generation.

Our performances are renowned for their freshness, originality, and professionalism, spotlighting the talents of our students across a wide spectrum of styles, encompassing classical and contemporary forms.

It's important to note that we're not a quick-fix solution for those seeking instant mastery or a repertoire of popular songs. Rather, we prioritize laying a strong foundation that fosters musical versatility and creativity, equipping our students with skills applicable to any genre or style of music.

At Notes n' Beats, we adhere to the esteemed Trinity College of London curriculum, infusing it with our own innovative twist. This combination of tradition and innovation ensures a comprehensive and enriching musical education for all our students.

Express yourself with your voice.  Get a strong foundation with our rigorous "fundamentals" voice gym that incorporates methods to improve vocal range, flexibility, technique, musicality, and breathing.  Explore music theory and get training to sing by ear.  Study performance technique and build confidence along the way

Western Vocals

Whether you want to sing for building a strong foundation or to sing competitively, going through the rigor that Indian Classical Music curriculum provides is unmatched.  Build a deep love for singing in both classical and non-classical styles of music that includes "Light" music and songs from the movies.

Indian Classical Music

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A perfect place to start for young beginners, older kids or adults alike.  Learning the basics of music - notes, chords and reading music notation is the easiest to do so on the piano than other instrument because of the physical structure of it.  As you advance in the instrument, students play in various fusion of Western and Eastern music styles.


Learning to play the drums is the foundation of building the strong sense of rhythm and timing.  Drums usually accompany other instruments in band session and keep them all in sync.  Our drummers are encouraged to improvise and render their drum pieces to their taste.


Acoustic, Electric or Bass - We play them all.  We focus on both training by the ear as well as reading music.  We start off with songs that build on major chords and work on arrangements that require stronger muscular coordination.  Our guitarists play solo or in ensembles with other guitarists or become part of our band.


Why limit your fun to yourself when you can do it with others?  Our ensemble and band teams are formed when a student achieves a certain level of music proficiency and is ready to push it to the next level.  Our ensembles can be only with one kind of instrument or a mix of artists on the piano, guitar, drums and voices.  This is the ultimate fun for children as they learn to play with each and for each other.  Teamwork plays at its best here in this setting.

Ensembles and Rock Band

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Explore the beauty of string music with violin lessons! We offer lessons in both Indian and Western (Classical/Contemporary) violin, so that you can explore and play the songs that you love.


Elevate the experience of music with the saxophone! The jazz twist that it adds to every other genre is simply eclectic.  Learn from our creative players who can teach you how to improvise and make a mark on your music.


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