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Students Resources and Policies

Link to Reschedule Classes

HERE is your Notes n’ Beats Student Portal. (It will take you to a different website called Mindbody)

This portal is ONLY for good for private lessons with each student of yours using a unique email address.

Login using the same email address that you have in our system.

Families using same email address for their student lessons and Group lessons cannot use this link properly to reschedule. Those must should be coordinated with the admin at

Overarching Principles

We believe in consistency in lessons in order to make noticeable progress in our student's music education.  As such, we have some expectations from our students and faculty that ensure progress in lessons.  We also follow a strict registration and cancellation policy in order to ensure that we acquire and retain the best faculty and retain highest standards in our music education.

Release of Liability For Event

No Poach Policy, Media Release, Covid Policy, etc.

Here is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY that you are required to sign before starting lessons or attending events.  This is form includes NO POACH (not reaching out to our staff and other students to do business) and other general release of liability text (which you have received in your email at the time of registration).

Registration​ and Cancellation

You can register either online on our music pages or by calling us, which most people find easier.  Before registering, you must know that we have the following guidelines:


  • We allow only 1 reschedule per month in order to ensure consistency in lessons.

  • Any cancellations that happen ON-THE-DAY-OF the scheduled lesson CANNOT be rescheduled to another day.  You will lose the lesson if you are unable to inform us at least a day before.  This applies to emergency situations as well.  If you inform us a day in advance, you will be able to reschedule the lesson for up to once a month.

  • If you are going to be away for 3 or more consecutive weeks, you can suspend your lessons and you will not be charged for those.  The month's tuition will be held in your account so that we can ensure your spot with the same teacher.

  • Any changes that effect billing (such as putting classes on hold or termination of classes) must be written to us 1 BILLING CYCLE in advance.

  • There will be no make ups for missed group or semi-private lessons. You can work with the group and teacher to find an alternate time.

  • We take 2 holidays for private lessons: We follow the Loudoun County Public School system for Spring break & Christmas weeks - No classes and no make ups will be given for these 2 lessons as the tuition already incorporates these holidays.

  • We take 8 holidays for group and semi-private lessons.  No classes & no make ups are offered for these.

  • Any performance or event fee collected is non-refundable.  You will be notified and given time to opt-out of events, ahead of time.

Ready to Register?

Check out the video for tips when signing up for classes!

Register for Our Classes

Ready to Register?

Listen to our founder's note.

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