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A quick overview of our "system" of education that works for our students.

Our belief

Music is all around us.  It expresses emotions and tells stories.  It defines culture.  It is an experience - very personal to oneself!

We believe that once you discover the beauty and love for music, you will have found a companion for life!  So, we consciously find creative ways to partner with our students to inculcate the LOVE and RESPECT for music.  

We truly believe that a foundation in music is a necessity for every individual and most importantly, during early childhood years.  There is an increasing amount of research and evidence proving the many positive benefits of music in the areas of improving discipline and focus especially, happiness.  

Our curriculum

We believe in a foundation that is strong and clear.  We incorporate Classical into our foundational lessons and build on that.  Performance is a big part of loving music and EVERY student at our program gets an opportunity to perform - on a big or small stage. 


Wondering how we keep track of them all?  Have you been in a situation where your child keep learning music but you just do not know what they are learning and where they are progressing to?  To specifically answer these questions, we designed an all-new curriculum (copyrighted in 2016) to ensure complete CREATIVE FREEDOM but also to teach concepts and techniques in a progressive cumulative way and where you, as the parent, can be involved in the progress of your family's music education. 

Our teaching style

Our style of training is formal, yet relaxed.  We work in private and group sessions that are small in size.  Each of it has its own advantages.  Group-based training allows students to motivate each other.  Most individuals find it more fun to be part of a team as they can learn from each other.  Private lessons give the student the ability to progress at his or her own pace.

At Notes n' Beats, music goes beyond lessons.  We grow into a community of music lovers that meet on a regular basis to share and talk about music, jam and connect with each other.  We like to include the entire family in our students' musical journey.  Performances are a big part of what we do.  We perform multiple times in an intimate setting but also train selected students to our speciality shows that are open to the public.  Many of our students take ownership in our speciality events (mostly charity events) and develop a strong sense of leadership, team working skills, a certain discipline in organization and a level of compassion for others. All the things we do are centered around building CREATIVITY, CONFIDENCE AND TEAM SPIRIT among our students.

Our relationship with our student families

We are blessed to be able to build long lasting relationships with our student families. We feel fortunate that they include us in their inner circles of friends, invite us to their family and friends gatherings and just simply "hang out" with us.  We are forever grateful for that.

Research behind music education

Most of the things we do in our daily lives teach us to use the left brain which is the center for language, math and symbols.  Music stimulates the right part of the brain which are the centers for imagination, association and creativity.  This allows us to start assimilating information in a more complex way - such as recognizing rhythms, pitch, overlapping music such as harmonies, etc.  These eventually enable the left brain to interpret complex patterns and mathematical concepts in a better way while improving the ability to focus on difficult tasks.  

Anita Collins, in her TED ed talk states that Music stimulates auditory, visual and motor skills in the brain all working simultaneously. Watch this very interesting video by Anita Collins on "How playing an instrument benefits your brain".

Learn more about our lessons below.

Express yourself with your voice.  Get a strong foundation with our rigorous "fundamentals" voice gym that incorporates methods to improve vocal range, flexibility, technique, musicality, and breathing.  Explore music theory and get training to sing by ear.  Study performance technique and build confidence along the way.

Whether you want to sing for building a strong foundation or to sing competitively, going through the rigor that Indian Classical Music curriculum provides is unmatched.  Build a deep love for singing in both classical and non-classical styles of music that includes "Light" music and songs from the movies.

A perfect place to start for young beginners, older kids or adults alike.  Learning the basics of music - notes, chords and reading music notation is the easiest to do so on the piano than other instrument because of the physical structure of it.  As you advance in the instrument, students play in various fusion of Western and Eastern music styles.

Learning to play the drums is the foundation of building the strong sense of rhythm and timing.  Drums usually accompany other instruments in band session and keep them all in sync.  Our drummers are encouraged to improvise and render their drum pieces to their taste.

Acoustic, Electric or Bass - We play them all.  We focus on both training by the ear as well as reading music.  We start off with songs that build on major chords and work on arrangements that require stronger muscular coordination.  Our guitarists play solo or in ensembles with other guitarists or become part of our band.

Why limit your fun to yourself when you can do it with others?  Our ensemble and band teams are formed when a student achieves a certain level of music proficiency and is ready to push it to the next level.  Our ensembles can be only with one kind of instrument or a mix of artists on the piano, guitar, drums and voices.  This is the ultimate fun for children as they learn to play with each and for each other.  Teamwork plays at its best here in this setting.

Explore the beauty of string music with violin lessons! We offer lessons in both Indian and Western (Classical/Contemporary) violin, so that you can explore and play the songs that you love.

At-Your-School ASEP Programs

Explore special workshops (free and paid) and special teaching events during festivals.

Bring us to your school, after school hours to learn voice or instrument lessons, both in private or group format.

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