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R.D. Burman Medley | FEEL Benefit Show | Piya Tu | Aaja Aaja | Bachna | Mehbooba | Notes n Beats
Thillana | Kadanakuthuhalam Ragam | Carnatic Classical Fusion | NotesnBeats
ABBA Medley | Notes n' Beats Live Performance | FEEL 2022 | ABBA Songs
Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Cover | Live Shows | Freddie Mercury | Notes n Beats
Senorita | Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara |  Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy | FEEL '22 | Notesnbeats
Lukka Chuppi | FEEL '22 | Notes n' Beats | Rang de Basanti
Yuhi Chala Swades
"Best Part" Daniel Ceasar's Cover

Jam Sessions

Take learning to the next level by meeting other musicians and by jamming with them every week!

Jam sessions are for students who want to take the music that they learn in their classes and apply it with others in a group setting.  Participating in jam sessions at a music studio is not compulsory but is a great way to foster growth and confidence in the instrument.  These sessions provide a dynamic environment where students can collaborate with their peers, explore diverse genres, and refine their improvisational skills to adapt to various musical styles and rhythms. They have the freedom to experiment with creative ideas, cultivate stage presence, and bolster their confidence in performing. Additionally, jam sessions foster a sense of community and camaraderie among musicians, creating a supportive space for growth and exploration. Overall, engaging in jam sessions at a music studio empowers young students to enrich their musical journey and evolve into versatile and well-rounded musicians must faster.

choir classes

Voice Chorus Ensemble

Whether part of a small or large chorus group, our Voice Ensemble program (also known as chorus) offers every singer the chance to harmonize and sing in unity. Chorus not only enhances voice projection and harmonization skills but also boosts confidence, preparing singers for solo performances.

While musical theatre remains a favorite, Notes n' Beats explores diverse genres such as Indian classical fusion, Bollywood, Jazz, and Pop. Our choir showcases their talent at prestigious venues like Audi Field in DC.

True to our ethos, our choir collaborates live with other ensembles, including guitar/piano ensembles and rock bands.

Explore the varied performances by our students on our YouTube channel and immerse yourself in their musical journey!


Rock Band

Certainly! Here's the cleaned-up version:

Creativity knows no bounds within a rock band at Notes n' Beats! Young musicians embark on an exciting journey of learning and exploration, discovering the exhilarating realm of rock instruments such as keyboards, guitars, drums, and vocals. Yet, at Notes n' Beats, we go above and beyond, incorporating unconventional instruments like violin, saxophone, tabla, and mridangam into our rock bands. In 2023, our students took ownership of their bands, composing original music, some blending Indian Carnatic and Hindustani Classical music with rock/jazz influences. But that's not all – our rock bands deliver electrifying live performances, featuring percussion ensembles and live choruses, with up to 35-40 performers on stage at times!

Our bands actively compete and have secured victories in local battles. From cozy coffee shops to grand performing arts theaters, our bands grace a variety of venues. They are also frequently invited to participate in local events supporting causes such as Alzheimer's and cancer awareness.

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chorus classes

Indian Voice

Chorus Ensemble

At Notes n' Beats, we embrace the unconventional to form an Indian chorus group  that delves into meticulously arranged music by our instructors, performing at various stages, from intimate gatherings to grand shows. Admission to chorus groups is by audition, and our Indian chorus specializes in harmonizing pure Indian classical, Bollywood, and Fusion music.


Singing live as part of a chorus not only enhances voice projection but also instills confidence, nurturing aspiring solo singers while offering an immensely enjoyable experience.


What sets our chorus apart is their versatility—they perform not only as a traditional choir but also as integral members of live rock bands, providing an incredible learning opportunity. Our chorus singers get selected for solos, duets and trios in shows.

Experience the fusion of western harmonies with Indian flair in our ensemble performances.

orchestra classes

Percussion Ensemble

The percussion ensemble always leaves the audience craving an encore!

At Notes n' Beats, our percussion ensemble comes in two exciting flavors: an accessible option perfect for beginners and a more challenging one for seasoned players. We believe in the innate rhythmic ability of humans, and our beginner ensemble is the ideal platform to refine drumming skills and unleash rhythmic talent. For the advanced percussionists, membership in the senior ensemble is earned through auditions, where they tackle intricate musical pieces.

But that's not all – our percussionists also play a crucial role in our unique rock band formations, collaborating with our instrumentalists and chorus members. At Notes n' Beats, we foster creativity and encourage bold experimentation, and our percussion ensemble embodies these values.

Join our vibrant community of drummers and rhythm enthusiasts to elevate your drumming experience! Whether you're a student at Notes n' Beats music school or elsewhere, this is an opportunity not to be missed.