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Auditions are happening.


What's this year annual charity event about?

"Where's my Jhumka?" is an all-original MUSICAL with LIVE COVER MUSIC.

Experience the gamut of Chorus, Rock Band, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar/Piano Ensemble and DRAMA and DANCE as they come to life through Jazz, Rock, Pop and Classical both from Indian and Western music styles performed by our students.

Enjoy the list of songs that will be performed in the show.

Refer to this video on how to navigate through the intricacies of this show schedules.

You should submit your INTEREST form and also, submit your APPROVAL to be in the show.

Schedule is HERE.

Why should a student take part in the annual event?

To elevate your music skill to the next level. To get the exposure that even professional musicians crave for!  


NnB Annual Charity Event is a unique and immersive program that gives you a spike with your instrument and also deepens your overall knowledge as a musician.  It will leave you with the most memorable experience in training and performing. 

Did you perform in NnB charity event before?

Congrats! You are in the show!

Get offered to be in 1 or more groups
(Click on links below or Read BELOW to learn what each group means)

how to get in?


Callback Auditions for Solos/Duets/Trios (Voice/Guitar)
(1st week in June)

Follow schedule in Lead Singers column

 of Schedule (on top of chorus)

Sticking to the same instrument?





Did you perform in NnB Charity show before?

Rehearsal & Event
Sep 21 & Sep 22nd, (TBD)

Indian Chorus

4 wks workshop

Rock Bands

10A-3P M-F 

1.5 weeks workshop

Guitar /Piano Ensemble

1 wk workshop

Drum Section

2 weeks workshop

Percussion Ensemble (Aux)

1 week workshop

Group Vocal

1 wk workshop

Western Chorus

4 wks workshop

Follow This Flowchart

All Ensembles Start Training 

From Apr 6th

July 15-Aug 15

what do these groups mean?

Western Chorus & Indian Chorus

Chorus is a group of singers that learn to sing songs with what is called "Harmonization".  Chorus add color and beauty and depth to the song and teaches children how to sing harmonies and to sing in a group.  Western chorus will sing the English songs and the Indian chorus will support the Indian songs in the show.

Parts (called lead parts for solos, duets and trios) will be assigned to some students based on "Callback Auditions" that will happen in June. One MUST be in the chorus in order to be eligible for Lead parts.

Western Chorus Example: Bohemian Rhasphody
Indian Chorus Example: Lukka Chuppi

Guitar/Piano Ensemble

A group of talented guitarists (about 15) and 2 talented piano  players that train on a song in an ensemble format (harmonies). This group will also be supported by bass guitar, percussion, choir and lead singers to make it a unique and exceptionally interesting presentation.

Parts (called Lead Parts for solos, duets) will be assigned to some students based on Callback Auditions that will happen in June.

Example: Senorita Guitar Ensemble Performance

Rock Band

Rock bands are groups of instrumentalists coming together and playing songs. At our school, we take it up a notch and include orchestra instruments into our rock bands that can include keyboards, guitars, bass, drum set, saxophone, violin, flute, tabla and mridangam. Of course, we push the limit by having a full choir as well as a DRUM SECTION added to it, all playing LIVE with NO support from computers or autotunes! Of course, diversity is key at NnB, so we escalate our game to incorporate Indian & Western music with a fusion of Classical and Contemporary music.

Our rock bands are challenging and require intense practice and dedication to present the complication compositions we write.  Sometimes, these are ORIGINALS written by our students!

You can be placed into a band this year via audition. Bands meet and practice year round.  Depending on where your audition result land, you may do the charity event this year or in the future.

Example: Thillana Carnatic Rock Fusion


Group Vocals

Group singing is where a group of singers perform with song and dance. There are no harmonies in this performance and makes it a perfect opportunity for young singers to learn to sing in a group as well as perform on a big stage.  This experience builds confidence in young beginners as well as advanced singers who are still getting over their fear of stage. Choreography in these songs make these presentations highly energetic and children thrive with fun and confidence.

Parts (Lead parts) are assigned for solos/duets/trios via audition.

You can be placed into a group song whether you take singing lessons or not. You may intrinsically be able to sing.

Example: Love You Zindagi
Example: Ethera Janda


Percussion Ensemble (AUX)

(Auxiliary) Percussion Ensemble is a high energy high fun highly creative group that learns to make a song with just drum-type instruments called PERCUSSION instruments.  We push the limit on our percussion ensembles by introducing stomp-like buckets, pots and pans and also violins, audio and video effects into the presentation.

You can be placed into this group whether you are studying drums or not. Humans are intrinsically rhythmic and this group will translate your musical ability of rhythm into a creative composition. You may be interested in this group if you want to get better at rhythm or simply have the experience of performing on a creative arrangement in a fun group on a big stage.

Example: Elements
Example: Rustica


Drum Section

Drum Section is a small group of drum instruments like Congos, bongos, toms, etc that have a critical role in our big events. They are presented all by themselves as a small percussion ensemble or they are placed with rock bands.

You can be placed into this group by audition. You are expected to have a higher level of drum or percussion experience to be able to get into this group.

Example: AR Rehman's Medley
Example: Solo Performance


why you should do this show


  • Greater mastery in your instrument​
  • Live Band experience
  • Rhythm and coordination
  • Dance and Theatrical (drama) skills (optional)
  • Understanding of compositions and arrangements


  • Experience performing on a big stage with complex sound
  • Confidence from performing on a big stage
  • Brag rights for performing at REVERED venues
  • Brag rights for college apps
  • Team Skills
  • Time management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Public presentation skills
  • Life skills with new friendships


  • Volunteering experience
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Sense of empathy for the underserved
  • Better citizen of this world
  • Brag rights on college apps


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