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Indian & Western

Indian Carnatic Violin Lessons in Ashburn, VA

Violin is a primary instrument used in Indian Carnatic Classical music. If you want to start or advance your Carnatic music with Indian Carnatic music lessons or learn to play AR Rahman songs on the violin, talk to us. At Notes n' Beats, we offer curriculum that is strictly Carnatic classical and also with the option of venturing into Indian filmi music through our beginner violin lessons in Ashburn, VA.

Our dedicated music instructors conduct online violin lessons for children as well as adults.

Through the South Indian Carnatic violin lesson program, you can expect to learn the fundamentals of playing the violin while exploring a variety of genres like Classical and even Bollywood music. Our instructors are also active performers and composers whose expertise can help you strengthen your own musical skills.

Our students, seeking beginner violin lessons to advanced violin classes actively perform and on a regular basis in different venues and for different occasions and learn unique arrangements that are composed within our music school.

Western Violin Program

At Notes n' Beats Western Violin lesson program, we adopt the Suzuki method of learning to play the violin. Whether you're looking to join an orchestra, band, or rock band, our lessons will get you there. We specialize in teaching both solo and ensemble playing, allowing you to play with others and experience the joy of music. Our new and unique arrangements incorporate diverse genres of music including classical to jazz to rock to pop. At times, you will hear a blend of Indian and Western music on the violin to give you a one-of-a-kind experience with our western classical violin lesson program. When you're ready to take the stage, we'll prepare you for recitals and big shows with confidence.

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Western Violin In-Studio 30mins Private
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