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Western Vocals
Classical, Theatre, Pop, Rock

Want to sing like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, but you could use some more help? Want to sing better in musical theatre? We are here for that. During our in-person and online singing lessons in Ashburn, Virginia, you will learn how to use your unique voice in a healthy way, while singing the music that YOU like! 

Whether you want to study classical, rock, or pop music, we have it all. In contemporary voice lessons by every of our proficient vocal coach and other trainers, you'll develop the correct techniques for breath support, placement of sound, posture, and many other fundamental concepts that help students grow into talented singers. We believe that by understanding these techniques, a student can explore any musical genre of their choosing.

Through our voice lessons, we also give students the vocal and music theory training in order to succeed at county, district, or state chorus and national level competitions. Many of our vocal students have been selected to All-District, All-County, and All-State Choruses, and have also been selected as finalists in national competitions such as the Hal Leonard Vocal Competition (Musical Theatre & Art Song categories) and local competitions such as Vienna Idol. We are proud of all our students who take in-person and online vocal lessons with us in Ashburn, Virginia.

Some of our singers also study other instruments, such as piano or guitar, and often sing while playing their selected instrument.  They also take on lead roles or supporting vocal roles in our rock band groups, and participate in our chorus program.

Watch these videos to hear the beautiful results of our in-person and online voice and singing lessons in Ashburn, VA. 

In-Person & Online Voice Lessons in Ashburn, VA

Breath control, Range, Singing from deep down from the "naabhi" and techniques to use your diaphragm, mouth, tongue and stomach and many more concepts are taught in our Western Vocal program.  Every single one of those techniques is directly applied to singing "gamakam" or "modulations" or bringing out more clarity in the voice.  Western vocals training complements Indian vocal training and helps the child achieve their goals faster. Click on our video to see more about our Western Vocal program.

Western Vocal Training Helps With Indian Singing too!

preschool music toddler music

Sprouts: Early Notes n' Beats Program

Ages 4-5

Early Notes n' Beats program called "Sprouts", is an introduction to music program. Fundamentals of music,  such as rhythm and melody, concept building, theory are integral to building a strong foundation.

  • Structured Western Vocal Program for young beginners

  • Structured Piano program for young beginners

  • Introduction to reading western music notation

  • Introduction to melody and rhythm through fun activities

  • Hands-on activities + rhythm and music related arts and craft projects

  • Introduction to the classical techniques and concepts

  • Performances!


This program is best suited for children ages 4 - 5.5.  Through this program, your child can transition quickly to the next level of music study based on their musical inclination and ability to focus on tougher concepts in in-person and online voice lessons or piano lessons in Ashburn, VA.

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