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Summer Camps
For FOR KIDs IN AShburn, brambleton, Herndon, Sterling, Aldie, southRiding, chantilly

What are things to look for in a summer camp?
* Find camps that can give you DEPTH in one or 2 skills by end of summer. 
* With a bit of variety, of course.
* Look for small-medium size camps so you can get the personal attention to learn something well.

Why do our customers keep coming back to us?  
* You get continuous education in music week after week during and even after summer!
* You can music and art in same camp!
* You build a bond with music and the staff too!
PS: Most of our senior students had started their journey with summer camps at a younger age!

Superior personal attention and care touches the hearts of our campers and our staff members alike.  We have been fortunate to be able to build a lasting relationship that becomes a close partnership with our students and their parents and families from Ashburn, Brambleton, Herndon, Sterling, Aldie, SouthRiding, Chantilly and even far off places like Reston and Falls church.

For Beginner Students: If you are starting out your music journey, come to our camps because of the option to explore multiple instruments.  You would have had a chance to try your hands at the Guitar, Keyboard, Drum, Voice, Composition, Performance and Recording.  And you will learn how music is played together as a team! With our art program combination, you will never miss any fun with ARTS in general!

For Intermediate and advanced students: Come to our camp for the TEAM and ENSEMBLE experience, especially for the ROCK BAND and Bollywood ensembles. Since all students perform every week, the experience they get is unmatched.  By the end of summer, you may be invited to perform in our special benefit show that is scheduled in the fall of 2022.


With UPBEAT MUSIC like Pop, Rock and Bollywood songs based on a solid music foundation, our camps are endless fun!

Rock BandSong writing, Voice Camps and Percussion Ensemble  and Bollywood Music Camp camps have been the most popular over the past few years !  For some camps like Voice and Theatre camps, we even will build props and wall decorations and put a full production together.  The best part about our camps is that children take their music education to the next level because of their ability to with others AS A TEAM, which requires a completely new set of skills! Plus it is SUPER-FUN!

Our campers continue with their music lessons even after summer is over by coming to regular lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drum, Violin, Western Vocal and Indian Vocal lessons.

Start music young so you have all those golden years to develop their voice and rhythm and musical skill set!

Our camps are for ages 5 and up and summer camp students come from Brambleton, Ashburn, Sterling, South Riding, Aldie, Herndon and Chantilly.!

Summer camps for young kids with drums

ART summer camps in Ashburn, VA!

2D, 3D, Modeling, Structural, Mixed Media, Acrylics, Charcoal and more!

Learn perspectives, reflections, grades, color charts and so much more!


Registration Camps

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