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What Others are Saying...

What Others are Saying...

Notes n' Beats is a unique music school in the Washington DC metro area focused on bringing Indian and Western music together. My son Tarun Donipati has been learning Music from Notes n' Beats for the past five years. He started as a novice and quickly grew up as one of the most popular singers in the DC metro area Indian community. All that credit goes to his teacher Mrs. P. Umarani and Notes n' Beats. Notes n' Beats provided the platform to learn, compete, perform and excel in his musical journey. 


Notes n' Beats founder, Mrs. Veena Pandiri, has great passion for music, and an excellent ability to identify talent and to nurture it. She saw the potential in my son when we first collaborated and she offered her help for one of his early singing competitions. She used to identify opportunities to compete and perform, and take him around to local jamming sessions to prepare him for competitions. It really helped my son compete and win many local and national level competitions.


Besides teaching music, Notes s' Beats also provided opportunities to perform through their semi-annual and annual recitals and fundraising events. My son has been involved and performed at fundraising events organized by Notes n' Beats for supporting great causes like Cancer and Autism.  It helped my son learn to understand and support social causes. Based on the experience gained at Notes n' Beats, my son conceptualized and organized a music concert all on his own this summer of 2019, to bring Vaping and Drug awareness to many families in the NOVA area.  Over 700 people attended this concert where my son talked about how prevalent vaping has become and how to combat it.  I am happy that through his experience with Notes n’ Beats, my son, not only has become a better musician, but he is also growing into a compassionate citizen of this world who wants to confidently fight for causes that are close to his heart.  


It's no wonder that Notes n' Beats is one of the fastest growing music schools in the DC metro area. I am quite happy to say that Notes n' Beats is playing a significant role in the growth of my son. I recommend this school for anyone looking for a well rounded musical development.


Chandra Donipati

(Father of Tarun Donipati, a student of Notes n’ Beats)

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