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The Stage

Made by & for the rising talent at Notes n' Beats NON-profit organization

What is the STAGE?

“The Stage”, a non-profit organization, was formed by Notes N’ Beats in September 2019 and was introduced to the audience at “THE FIRE” fundraiser event.  The Stage provides a platform for musicians to give back to the community through music. By volunteering with  “The Stage”, children and adults studying at Notes N’ Beats music school will be able to participate in various events organized by the The Stage non-profit.  These events will serve as a vehicle to make a difference to the less-fortunate in various areas related to health and education.  The volunteers can help with the organizational aspect of the event which includes but not limited to ideation, project planning, team management, marketing, fundraising, sales and the actual execution of the event.  Volunteers also have an opportunity to identify and locate the beneficiaries from the event.  They have a chance to "See It Through" - To actually see the difference that they made in the life of another individual.

Mission Statement

The ultimate purpose of The Stage Non-Profit is to encourage music students and adults to leverage their musical skills to serve the less-fortunate.  The goal of The Stage is to promote compassion among our budding musicians and to inspire them to become leaders in their community and to make a difference as young citizens.

How can a student be involved?

The student has to register as a member by sending an email to  Each activity performed by the student is tracked in a document and they accumulate a certain number of points  which can be used to collect Certificates of Service provided by The Stage non-profit organization. There are several ways that a student can participate and gain points  to advance through different membership levels.

Membership Eligibility details

Students will be eligible to join the Stage and the different membership levels when they achieve a certain number of points based on their involvement in various activities.  Once the student reaches the points needed for each membership level, they will be awarded certificates.

How to submit your hours

Click on the "I volunteered and would like to submit my hours" link for initiating the approval process.  Talk to the teacher or administrator that you work with at Notes n' Beats so they can approve your hours.


The purpose of the free tutoring program is to provide musical and/or math instruction to children in disadvantaged communities located in Loudoun County, while also developing emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills in volunteer tutors. Designed for experienced students ages 13-18, students who volunteer as tutors will achieve membership in the Stage program while providing crucial services to students in their local community. By participating in this program, student tutors can further enrich their education as well as gain community service experience recommended for college applications.

Students who choose to participate as tutors in the program can opt to teach either beginner voice lessons or math, for up to 1 hour per week. Volunteer tutors that demonstrate exceptional service will also have the opportunity to lead the volunteer team in their community efforts. All volunteer tutors will be eligible to join the Stage membership levels, and, depending on the amount of service hours obtained, may be able to advance to higher membership levels.​ By volunteering as a tutor, students participating in this program agree to provide 1 hour of tutoring per week, and agree to attend monthly volunteer meetings for planning purposes.

If interested in volunteering as a tutor in this program, please submit an email containing extracurricular activity information and any relevant coursework/classes to


Join our team on Sundays at 5PM to discuss how to get involved in organizing our upcoming event for 2022.  Send email to to get started.

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