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Veena Pandiri

A passionate musician and teacher, Veena's dream is to make music enjoyable to all...

Veena had been doing a technology job in a software company until she discovered her passion to teach music to children. To her, music speaks to everyone - with NO language or geographical barrier. Veena is passionate about bringing the best of both the Western and Indian worlds of music to her students. ;With a strong foundation in Classical Music and a WILL to take on bold experiments and arrangements that blend the Western and Indian music, Veena and her staff teach and train young students to perform big in Western Classical, Indian Classical, Rock, Pop and Bollywood music. Veena and her staff trains students to perform on Chorus arrangements for Indian Classical music, Solo performances as well as prepare students for competitions.</p>
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<p class="font_8">Veena came to the US to pursue her Masters in Computer Engineering and worked at large corporations and startups before she took up Notes n’ Beats as her full time passion.&nbsp; With a strong sense of project management, her obsession is to keep the students engaged in music by providing structured lessons but in diverse music styles. ;Her passion is to bring music to every single family that she meets and share the feeling of soulfulness, peace, happiness and healing that music brought to her and many others.

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