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Vishnu Ashok

A beautiful blend of classical and non-classical plays on his violin..

Born into a musical family, Vishnu Ashok began learning music from the young age of seven. Almost instantly, Vishnu felt an affinity towards the traditional violin, and over the years, he slowly mastered the art, balancing between rendering traditional melodies in Carnatic Classical Music and also performing contemporary songs that are non-classical in nature. <br>Vishnu currently runs several well-known violin fusion shows. He also performed as one of the forty-one violinists in the soul-touching musical tribute to the famous violinist Balabhaskar on SaReGaMaPa Keralam, a music reality show on a popular Zee TV channel.</p>
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<p class="font_8">He has obtained an A grade at Kerala State Level Ashtapady Category. Besides being a violinist, Vishnu is also a composer. He creates background music for songs as well as short films. Vishnu believes in integrating the violin, the one instrument very close to his heart as a highlight in many of his compositions. He uses delicate notes to add a soulful touch to slow songs while tweaking his playing to a faster beat for more energetic musical compositions.<br>
Vishnu is currently an active full time violinist, a music composer and a music programmer.

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