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5 Drumming Tips for Beginners

beginner drum lessons

If you are just starting out as a drummer, getting to know the basics with beginner drum lessons, then you already know the kind of importance that the drums have in every style of music. There is no doubt that there will be a lot of fundamentals to grasp, but the drums are no doubt an incredibly fun instrument to learn. There are also a number of tips that are worth keeping in mind, that will not only help you in your journey as a drummer but will also make it a much more enjoyable experience for you. We at the Notes n’ Beats music academy have put together a list of some of these tips.

5 Helpful Tips for Novice Drummers

  1. Using a Metronome This is a tip that is going to be a vital tool right from the very fundamentals of your drumming journey, and can be of great use even to the most seasoned drummer. If you do not know, a metronome is a tool used, not just by drummers but musicians in general, to get a better sense of time keeping and rhythm. It is especially useful for drummers, as they will need to have a good grasp of timing and tempo more than any other instrument. Practicing using a metronome will do wonders for your rhythm and natural sense of tempo.

  2. Exercises of All Limbs One aspect of playing the drums that is not usually spoken about in comparison to other instruments, is the fact that you are actively using all four limbs when you play the drums. This is why building up your coordination of using all of them in harmony to play beats in various styles and genres is very important. This can be trained up to a point where playing the instrument with perfect coordination will simply become muscle memory or “second nature”, and you would not need to consciously think about it when playing.

  3. Starting Slow This may initially sound like a bit of a cliche, but starting slow when practicing the drums will always be the best way to do so. As simple as this tip may sound, it is arguably the most important one to keep in mind. Starting slow when learning a specific beat, style, or technique means that you not only get a better idea of how to play it, but it will also sound a whole lot cleaner when you do speed it up. Starting at a fast pace will not be of much help, causing your playing to sound more shoddy. This is advice that applies to a range of instruments, which will be taught to you by any good music teacher or academy of music.

  4. Setting Up in a Comfortable Position You might be thinking that performing on the drums means simply setting up the drum kit and just playing on it. However, this is a very underrated tip that is not mentioned enough to budding drummers. It is very important that you set up your drum kit that is comfortable for you and is ideal for your build and style of playing the instrument. This not only means that you get the maximum enjoyment out of playing and you can play for longer, but it also ensures that you are not uncomfortable while playing.

  5. Maintaining Consistency The drums are often considered the spine of a musical performance, especially when it comes to playing as part of a band. This means that it is the drummer’s responsibility to not only control the speed of the performance with good timekeeping, but also set the tone and energy of the performance. If the drummer has a poor performance then it is bound to be to the detriment of the rest of the band. This highlights the importance of staying consistent in your performance, with regards to speed and volume, as well as setting the energy. Understanding the needs of the performance is also vital and make sure not to add too many improvisational elements that might take away from the band.

These are just a few tips for a beginner level drummer, that are sure to make your learning experience more enjoyable and also allows you to gain a deeper appreciation for the instrument. The Notes n’ Beats music academy in Ashburn, Virginia, offers engaging and comprehensive drum lessons, as well as classes for other instruments and music summer camp.

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