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 "Iron Man" Cover performed at Celebrate Life Event 2017
"Enter Sandman" by Metallica
Performed by Vihaan Vedi

So you wanna rock out on the drums to Metallica or The Strokes, but need a mentor to help you keep a steady beat or to fill in those grooves? Our drum instructors can help you find your groove!


In drums lessons, you'll explore the fundamentals of rhythm and drumming technique, while learning to play your favorite songs. We take students to more advanced drumming techniques with complex time signatures, unpitched aural skills, improv, stylistic recognition and much more!  Our students play everything from the Foo Fighters to Nirvana, to Justin Bieber! Or, if Classical and Jazz music is more of your style, we've got that too. 

Drum students at Notes N' Beats have many performance opportunities---our students play in rock bands and also participate in our Percussion Ensemble. These groups perform regularly at our annual recitals and annual fundraising event, and are definitely exciting to watch.

Additionally, we offer training for exams such as the Trinity or RCM examinations.


Check out the video below for directions on how to sign up for classes!

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Upcoming Events

Dec 21-23

Raagam Meets Jazz, Rock & Pop

Workshop with Mr. Priyant


One Raagam - Many Songs

Workshop with Ms. Swetha

Past Events

Talk with Taurn & Manasi -How can your music education help college apps?

Virtual Halloween Recitals 2020: Oct 24th - Nov 1st

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