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 IRON MAN Cover performed at Celebrate Life Event 2017
DIL SE RE Title Song performed at Destiny 2018

Timing, Timing, Timing!  


Keeping to time and learning about rhythm are the foundational elements of learning to play the drums.  Drums are fun and energetic.

Drums usually accompany other instruments in band sessions and keep them all in sync.  Our drummers are encouraged to improvise and render their drum pieces to their taste. 

We follow books that provide structure in learning and progressing and also learn to read drums notation.  Song by song, students progress into challenging numbers and participate in ensembles and rock bands.


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Upcoming Events

Winter Recital: Jan 12th

Location: Potamac Club House, 43459 Riverpoint Dr, Lansdowne, VA 20176

Sangeetham: 10A-12P

Western Classical/Pop 1: 1-3P

Western Classical/Pop 2: 3:30-5:30P

Western Classical/Pop 2: 6-7:30P

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*Bands and Ensembles in Voice, Guitar and Percussion are always looking for more students to join

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