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Thank You All for choosing us to be the Best Music School of Ashburn in 2023.

Notes n' Beats is an in-studio and online academy of music in Ashburn, VA. Notes n’ Beats is recognized by Ashburn Magazine as 2023’s Best Schools in Ashburn. We believe that classical methods of teaching best lay a musical foundation for our students giving them a musicianship centered around classical pedagogy while exploring other genres like pop, rock, musical theatre and Indian music.  During this period of cultural diversity in our society, we also find ourselves to have the unique fortune of bringing excellency in training in the Western, Indian and diverse styles of music for younger generations. Considering the level of expertise and experience that our music school holds it has also been recognized as the Best Music School in the US by several students.


Join us if you share our belief!

Welcome to Notes N' Beats

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Our Lessons

Notes n' Beats conducts lessons in music through concepts that are modern and contemporary but that are based on a strong Classical foundation.  Our music expresses unity in diversity of music that involve multiple genres of music like Indian Classical, Western Classical, Rock, Pop and Bollywood. We are proud to be able to pass our love for diversity in music to our future generations.

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Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin Lessons
This is a music school like no other! It's not just a place where my son learns music but growing to be a musician. For me, one can learn music through various means, online, learning apps, books etc., but it's rare to find a group of dedicated teachers, a dedicated music-loving owner, and a strong community of volunteer parents all working together to help develop young musicians, and performers. Over the last two years, my son has learned so much in guitar, and performed in various concerts and recitals, and continues to be excited to attend classes.

If you are looking for a music school that supports kids learn Indian classical and movie music, as well as western popular music, and more importantly, become a performer, look nowhere else.

What people are saying

My daughter has been learning classical and light Indian vocal music at Notes n Beats since she was 4 and started Western vocal lessons a couple of years ago. We have enjoyed our experience and she has learnt so much. Notes n Beats mixes teaching classical music with light music which keeps the kids engaged and also provides opportunities to perform at in-house and outside events. I would highly recommend this school for their diverse music classes and skilled teachers.

My daughter always says - Mom, I am not moving to any other area since there is no Notes n Beats there. She absolutely loves performing in the various shows especially their annual charity event. She is looking to get more involved each year and is willing to sacrifice any summer travel to be here for practices and help in whatever way possible.

Thank you, Veena, for nurturing her love of music and growing her confidence to go from a shy girl to one who is raring to get every opportunity to perform on stage. Also for making us feel like part of the extended Notes n Beats family.

What people are saying

My daughter has been attending this music school for over two years now and I am amazed at the progress I have seen in her musical journey. Not only do they continuously help her to better and master her music skills, but they also provide her with performance opportunities.

This year, I had the pleasure of witnessing their annual music event. I went in not expecting much and came out stunned at the level of professionalism and the talent of all the students and teachers. Mrs.Veena and her staff took utmost care of every minute detail for the event and the show looked spectacular. Looking forward for more amazing shows from the school.

I would highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to start, or continue learning music.

What people are saying

Notes & Beats is an amazing place for learning music, performing in shows, and socializing with your peers. As a current sangeetham student under Veena Aunty, I love every minute of it. In our recent show the FEEL, I got to sing a song, but more importantly I got to participate in the show by organizing it. Notes & Beats has a non-profit organization called The Stage. The Stage took care of donations, websites, marketing, etc. By volunteering in The Stage I learned social skills, hands-on website editing experience, and the opportunity to help others. The Stage was not something like a task to me, but it was an opportunity: to help others and make the best possibile show we could produce. My experience in The Stage has motivated me to continue to help others and doing more things in The Stage. Volunteering for the The Stage and organizing the show was a very fun experience, and I hope to do it very soon again.

What people are saying

In-Studio & Online Instruction

Across Two Locations & Across the Globe

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Thank You All for making us the Best Music School of Ashburn in 2023

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Take the first step in nurturing your child's potential by filling out the form on the right. Whether you're seeking more information, scheduling a trial class, or exploring upcoming events, we're here to help. Investing in your child's musical journey isn't just about creating musicians; it's about fostering confidence, shaping personalities, and unlocking a world of opportunities. Start today and watch your child flourish

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