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The Role of Drums in Different Genres of Music

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There are more genres in the world of music than one can keep track of, more than 1300 genres in fact. So it is obviously difficult to find an instrument that is commonly used in every single one of them, if not impossible. However, an aspect that seems to stay relatively consistent throughout music is rhythm, and the drums and percussions are what provide this. If you are looking to take up beginner drum lessons, the Notes n’ Beats music academy in Ashburn, Virginia, offers classes for the drums as well as many other instruments.

The Importance of the Drums in These Musical Genres

  • Rock

Alongside the guitar, the drums are arguably the central cog in a rock band, and they are pivotal to everything a rock band does. The main features of the drums when it comes to rock music are the snare drum and the bass drum. This is because these two parts are what essentially dictate the energy as well as the tempo of a song, and they can be accompanied by cymbals, as well as tom-toms. The actual setup of a drum kit and its various parts mainly depend on the drummer, and what kind of setup is ideal for them. In rock music, a typical drum kit features the snare, bass, and three tom-toms, along with cymbals. The drums and guitar are the face of rock music. Notes n’ Beats offers engaging online and offline guitar lessons beginners.

  • Jazz

Jazz is a genre that saw an upward trajectory in popularity during a very similar period to rock music, with the drums having a pivotal role in it as well. However, the drums still play a very different role in jazz music in comparison to rock music, since improvisation and freedom are an integral part of the genre. To add even more to the uniqueness of jazz drumming compared to other styles, a lot of jazz drummers will also use brushes in addition to their regular sticks. Brushes have a very distinct sound, and can add the perfect vibe to certain performances.

  • Latin Music

Many elements of Latin music have become increasingly popular in mainstream music today, with its lively rhythm and unique energy. Drumming and percussion have been a core part of this genre of music, with the roots of Latin music being in Africa. From its birth in Africa, to its growth in South and Central America, all the way to its mainstream popularity around the globe today - the drums continue to be a mainstay in the fundamentals of Latin music. This is evident through the variety of percussion instruments that are prominent in Latin music - from the conga, to the bongos, to the timbale.

  • Blues

The role of drumming in the blues genre of music is quite different in comparison to other genres. While genres such as rock and latin music rely on the drums and percussions to elevate a performance with its energy, the emotions and energy that is conveyed in blues music is typically more of melancholy and sadness. This is why the drums in blues music are typically more understated and controlled. However, this should not downplay the importance of the instrument in the genre, as the drums still have to be the timekeeper of the music and keep the performance sounding as consistent as possible.

This barely even scratches the surface with regards to the kind of significance the drums and percussion holds in music, and this list explores just a handful of prominent musical genres from around the world. The Notes n’ Beats music academy offers comprehensive and engaging offline and online music classes, whether you wish to learn the guitar or are looking for carnatic violin lessons near me.

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