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6 Ways in Which Singing Lessons Can Make You a Better Guitar Player

It might sound surprising but learning to sing can greatly improve your guitar skills. Even though at the present moment your voice may not sound great, we all have the ability to refine our voice and sing to the tunes within us. Taking singing lessons can help you in aligning your brain and musical ‘ear’ as one. When these two are aligned, one's ability to hear and understand the notes of the music they hear becomes sharp. This allows one to become a better singer.

Here’s how taking singing lessons can make you a better guitarist:

  • Learning songs by your ‘ear’ becomes much easier

When you can sing any song in the right way to a decent standard, you hear and understand pitches, harmonies and tones in greater depth and with better clarity. This helps when one is working out songs for themselves. Humming a song while deciding the root notes makes the task easier. After the root note is decided, working on the full chord and the rest of the sequence eases up too. This will give you a lot of time and confidence to show your guitar skills in an impressive manner.

  • You can become a better entertainer

The classic sing-along songs become the life of every event, be it a reunion with friends or a campfire. But most people are shy and conscious to sing a song before anyone else does it first. Being a guitarist you must be the one to initiate these sing-alongs. With your fantastic guitar skills and melodious voice, you might tempt other people to join you and once the spark catches fire, you will become the star of the show.

  • You will be able to write more and better songs

Writing music keeps one’s creative side engaged which definitely is amazing for your guitar skills. Singing can encourage one to write more. This also keeps your musician instinct alive which means whenever you hear a new song or tune, you will be eager to find what chords lie underneath the music.

  • Your demand as a guitarist will increase

Learning music from a good academy of music will make you a good singer while also increasing your demand as a guitarist. This is because there are many guitarists out there but only a few of them can sing decently. As a good guitarist, you will be expected to back your chords with vocals to keep the crowd engaged.

  • It will enhance your memory skills

Singing improves your memory and when one has a great memory, your brain starts treating music differently. This will help you in remembering passages and rhythms with much ease.

  • You can practice your chords anywhere even without your guitar

Being a good singer, you can practice singing anywhere and work on your aural skills. When you sing, you are always ‘aurally aware’, which means you are always taking notes of chords and memorizing music inside your brain. This will eventually help you improve your guitar skills.

If you’re really keen on becoming a good guitarist or singer, Notes n’ Beats is where you must be. You can takeonline guitar lessonsand much more with our talented mentors who help every student accomplish their dreams.

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