Your voice is the instrument that stays with you for life!    Express yourself with your voice.


Train it, nurture it and give the special treatment it needs to bring out its beauty in the form of singing.  Whether you want Classical or Rock or Pop, we have it all.  Our curriculum relies heavily on building the CORRECT techniques for breathing, placement, projection, using registers, posture and many other fundamental concepts that help the student flourish into an articulate singer.  

We also have a specialized program for training children to perform in a CHORUS.  We train children to get the voice and music theory training in order to stage for school, county, district or state chorus selections.  We are proud to say that many of our young students are already in many chorus groups at the district as well as state levels. 

Our singers cross-train and generally pick up instruments like the piano or the guitar and they sign along while playing.  They also grow into taking on lead roles or supporting vocals roles in our rock band groups.

Early Notes n' Beats
For Ages 4 - 5.5

This is an early introduction to music program where kids are exposed to the fundamentals of music such as rhythm and key in a fun environment - to set them up for great success as they grow.

Interactive and engaging vocal songs for the kids

  • Introduction to Key and Rhythm via fun activities in a group setting

  • Some hands-on work, rhythm and music related art and craft projects

  • Slow introduction to the actual classical techniques and concepts

  • Performances!

  • Suited for a typical 4 or 5 or some 6 year olds. The kid can transition to the next level based on their musical inclination and ability to focus on tougher concepts.


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Upcoming Events

NnB Annual Recital: Apr 24-26

Location: Farmwell Station Middle

Sangeetham: Apr 24: 7-9P

Western Classical/Pop Apr 25, 26:


What's New at Notes n' Beats?


*All New Guitar Master Class and Stringing Workshop coming up


*Summer Camp Registrations are open!


*Bands and Ensembles in Voice, Guitar and Percussion are always looking for more students to join

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