Venue: In the prestigious Schlesinger Concert Hall, Alexandria, VA

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Join us in this exciting CHORAL production that captures the essence of seasons in ragas.


100 children on stage singing 45 minutes of music and harmonies in tandem will be a breath-taking experience for all.


TRAINING will start in the summer (in Northern VA, MD and online) and will include a slow introduction of basic concepts that will mould their way into involved features of  Classical  music.  Training will be age and skill appropriate - as such, beginners all the way to advanced singers will be selected for this project.


Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of  this work composed and directed by the internationally acclaimed composer and music educator Kanniks Kannikeswaran (


Get a glimpse of the production in the


Who can sign up for the concert:

  • Children Ages 7 till 19

  • Indian or not

  • Beginners to Advanced Level singers in music: Get an experience of a lifetime in a grandiose setting and celebrate seasons.  You can be part of this concert whether you are Indian or not.

  • Training (Loudoun, Fairfax, MD and Online) starts in April

  • Certificates that you can use for your education or career

  • Improved cognitive abilities with a growth in pattern recognition


How to become part of this production?

  • Fill the form on this page

  • Learn the audition piece of music and submit (optional for beginners in music)

  • We will notify you of your selection


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