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Guitar, Piano, and Percussion

Nick Beers

Guitar, Piano, and Percussion

Rock, Jazz, Blues and Classical Guitarist

Ever since Nick started playing guitar at the age of 12, his career in music has been short yet impressive. Nick studied Jazz and Classical guitar throughout middle school and high school and is currently studying Jazz and Music production at NOVA. In 2017, Nick auditioned and performed in Virginia’s All-State Guitar Ensemble in Hampton VA, under the direction of Olga Amelkina-Vera. In 2018, Nick auditioned and performed in the very first All-National Guitar Ensemble in Orlando FL, under the direction of Dr. Micheal Quantz. As well as playing in state and national ensembles for classical guitar, Nick has also played guitar in multiple Jazz ensembles and combos thought-out his career.

Nick is also well versed in the styles of Rock, Folk and Blues. In 2018, after a streak of winning multiple local battle of the bands, Nick’s band at the time, “Never Born to Follow”, won a radio show contest and opened for Bon Jovi at Capital One Arena. Nick is also a self taught pianist and drummer, which has given him the ability to play in multiple bands with ranging styles and genres, as well as develop his musicianship. Along with being an all around musician, Nick is also a songwriter and producer. With his current band “Nothing Defined” he can be seen playing the role as drummer, keyboardist, songwriter and producer.

Nick has been teaching guitar since early high school, and has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge on music. Whether it be with his more experienced classmates or younger children who are just starting out, Nick has always been there to assist others on their musical careers and training.

When Nick isn’t playing guitar, some of his hobbies include, making beats, listening to music, binging movies/tv shows on Netflix, as well as reading and writing.