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Carnatic Classical & Light

Aswathy Vijayan

Carnatic Classical & Light

A playback singer, lyricist, composer and a stage performer from Kerala..

<p class="font_8">A playback singer, lyricist, composer and a stage performer&nbsp; in Kerala, Ms. Aswathy has become well-known for her Carnatic AND Hindustani Music performances and Playback singing in South Indian movies.&nbsp; Her&nbsp; own compositions are refreshing and creatively unique.&nbsp; Check out her youtube channel for songs in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.</p>
<p class="font_8">Ms. Aswathy teaches students ONLINE and brings an incredible amount of patience and freshness to her lessons.&nbsp; She teaches Carnatic Classical, Hindustani, Light/Movie Music and arranges compositions and harmonies for students at Notes n' Beats.</p>