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Western Vocals

Teachers At Our School

Alicia Deckard

Western Vocals and Piano (Classical & Contemporary)

Classical, Jazz, Blues and Pop Singer and Piano Player/Teacher.

Christina Ortiz

Western Voice (Contemporary and Classical) and Piano

Certified in the Kodály method of teaching, Christina is well versed in a diverse array of vocal styles including classical, Western pop and opera. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Vocal Performance at George Mason University under mezzo-soprano, Patricia Miller.

Kari Hart

Western Voice (Contemporary and Classical)

Holds a Masters of Music in Classical Vocals and Performance.

Purvaa Sampath

Western and Indian Voice

A graduate from Berklee College of Music, Ms. Purvaa holds a dual degree in Western Music Performance and Therapy.

Carolina Santos

Western Vocals and Piano

BA In Music specializing in Jazz Vocals

Jennifer Wilson

Western Voice (Classical and Contemporary)

Mrs. Wilson is an American soprano who has firmly established herself as one of the world’s most important dramatic sopranos.