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Teachers At Our School

Stephen Gliatto

Piano (Classical & Contemporary)

An elementary music teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools....

Kari Hart

Western Voice (Contemporary and Classical)

Ms. Hart is a Master of Music student studying Vocal Performance under professor Patricia Miller. She is an experienced singer, flautist, and dancer and received her Bachelor of Music degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. majoring in Vocal Performance.

Joe Carbone

Guitar and Piano

Joe began playing the guitar at the age of 14. His eclectic taste in music has allowed him to become fluent in many styles of music such as: rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, funk, and classical.

Gabriel Evangelista

Guitar and Piano

Gabriel has been involved with music throughout his life, starting with the piano at the age of 5. Throughout high-school, he has been involved with many musical projects ranging from classical ensembles to rock bands.

Juan Sossa

Guitar and Piano

Juan is thoroughly versed in the classical guitar repertoire as well as Colombian and Latin styles, performing with salsa and jazz bands in Colombia. As a classical soloist, he has performed in master classes for Eduardo Fernandez, Celin Romero, and Leo Brouwer at Bogotá’s Festival Compensar.

Steven Velasquez

Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Band

Born and raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Steven grew up among a diverse and dynamic music scene, which acted as a catalyst for his music inspiration. As time went on and his love and appreciation for music grew, he became more and more attached to his favorite instrument: the drums.

Alicia Deckard

Piano (Classical & Contemporary)

Classical, Jazz, Blues and Pop Style Piano Player and Singer/Teacher.

Thomas Creek

Guitar and Piano

As a classical guitarist, Thomas has performed in masterclasses for renowned artists such as Matthew Slotkin, Valerie Hartzell, Martha Masters, Frederic Zigante, and Gohar Vardanyan.

Curtis Park

Guitar, Piano, and Western Voice

With over 19 years of experience on the guitar, Curtis emphasizes applying proper vocal and instrumental technique tailored to the student’s individual needs.

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