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FREE MUSIC LESSON OR for any inquries

Fill out the form for a general inquiry about classes or camps or for a FREE TRIAL LESSON for you .  
or call at 855-MUSIC-20.
Note: If a free trial class is taken and then you register with a discounted tuition, then the trial class will not be considered as a free class anymore and will become part of the promotional deal.

During a trial, the student gets an opportunity to meet with our teacher and discuss what he or she really wants to do.  Sometimes, children come in for one instrument and choose another.  Regardless, our teachers have the experience to guide the child to realize what it is that the child wants to learn - sometimes, it may not even be music.  Nevertheless, it is always a fun experience for us and the student to come and check out our program and try the different fun instruments.


  • Expect to spend a total of 10-30 minutes with us, depending on the class you are trying.

  • Expect the students to be assessed in sight reading, ear training, technique, performance skills, rhythm, theory and history of music

  • Expect 5-10 minutes of discussion with the teacher

  • If you have questions for the teacher, save them until the session is done

  • If you are NOT a beginner, bring your books or worksheets from the previous lessons

  • For guitar trials, if you want to bring your instrument, that is totally fine.

What to expect in the trial lessons