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- Virtual Zoom Workshop -

raaga meets jazz, rock, and pop Music!

Indian Music meets Western Music in this inspiring new workshop led by Mr. Priyant, a Berklee College of Music graduate in Jazz Studies and Hindustani Classical Music!

Register below for this fantastic opportunity to learn from an experienced professional musician and teacher!

indian fusion music workshop

Workshop Info

In this exciting new workshop, you'll explore the magic of the different ways in which
Indian Classical Music relates to Western Music. Over the course of three days, you'll discover how
Western musical concepts (such as scales) work in Indian Music, and you'll learn how to apply these concepts to Ragas. Mr. Pri will also show you different techniques and
dynamics involved in singing or playing Ragas, as well as songs based on Ragas. You'll also learn how Indian and Western music are similar yet also very different---like how you can play the same note, but with a different intention that creates different emotions or different genres altogether! Additionally, the workshop will cover Grooves, Konnakol, and Indian Rhythms.

During the workshop, you'll not only learn about different musical concepts, but you'll actually use them to create your own song that blends Indian and Western music!
After this workshop, you'll understand both Indian and Western musical styles, as well as how to use them in your own musical creations.

So what are you waiting for?! Register today for this fun and informative workshop!

Pre-requisites for workshop: Understanding of what Raags/Raagas are and/or ability to play an instrument or sing.

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