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4 Musical Instruments That You Can Learn To Play Masterfully at Notes n’ Beats

aying a musical instrument is not just food for your soul but also excellent exercise for your brain! Whether you are an aspiring musician seeking to make it big in the music industry or an amateur wishing to learn it as a hobby - it is essential for you to get trained from a reputable music school. If you are looking out for such an academy of music which can help you bring all your musical dreams to life, then look no further than Notes n’ Beats!

Based in Ashburn, Virginia, at Notes n’ Beats we conduct the finest singing and music lessons both in-person in our studio as well as virtually for people from every part of the world! If you’re wondering which all instruments you can become expert players of by enrolling at our academy, then read on:

4 Musical Instruments That Notes n’ Beats Can Help You Achieve Mastery In

  • Violin

At Notes n’ Beats, we offer exceptional training in both Western and Carnatic styles of playing the violin. We take pride in having diverse violin instructors who apart from being great teachers are also active music composers and performers themselves! They share their expertise with students of varying experience levels through our beginner violin classes and advanced violin classes. In these lessons, you can explore a wide range of genres while learning the violin such as Indian Classical music, Bollywood music, Pop music, Rock music, and more along with a fusion of Indian and Western styles!

  • Guitar

From bass to acoustic or electric guitar - at Notes n’ Beats you can gain proficiency in learning all! We conduct guitar lessons for beginners as well as for those with a better familiarity with the instrument and for music aspirants of all age groups. In our lessons, you can have fun experimenting with varied music genres like Western, Bollywood, country, rock, pop, etc. in addition to learning all the fundamentals of Indian classical music on the guitar. By allowing students to explore different music styles, we aim to diversify their learning experience and mold them into well-rounded guitarists.

  • Piano

If you live in Ashburn or neighboring towns, you’ll discover that Notes n’ Beats is one of the top names that comes up if you search online for “best piano classes near me.” Additionally, we also take online lessons for students from across the US and the rest of the globe! In our beginner piano lessons, you can expect to get classical training which will strengthen your basics. But as you progress, our talented trainers who specialize in diverse music styles and genres like Indian classical music, Bollywood music, rock, pop music, etc., will let you try your hand at them all so that you find one that you can be the best at!

  • Drums

Those who desire to learn to play drums can always benefit through drum training lessons, and what better place to get it than Notes n’ Beats! From Metallica to Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and a lot more - at our academy you’ll get the chance to try out all Western music styles like pop or rock music. However, if Bollywood or Indian Classical music is your jam, you can explore that too in our classes! Our drum instructors impart individualized training based on each student’s level of experience, and efficiently guide them into becoming stellar drummers.

At Notes n’ Beats, the curriculum for every program is designed in such a way that makes it fun for the students to learn and also prepares them well to ace in Trinity or RCM exams. So what are you waiting for, start your beautiful musical journey with us right away!

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