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- 2020 NOTES N' BEATS for Community -



A tribute to RD Burman and Music From the 70'

Aug 1, 2020 | 5P-7:30P | Willard Intermediate School, Aldie

Keep the magic of old music alive!

"That is such old people music" is what I often hear from my younger students, when I play an old song for them...unless of course, it is a song that has the "oomph" in it! Because of this, it is my desire to help younger generations of children appreciate and enjoy the music of my childhood---that is to say, the music of the 1960's and 70's that we grew up with.  

For our fundraising event in 2020, the Gen Z and Gen Alpha students of Notes N' Beats will rock out to "old-timers" music, as they present a tribute to RD Burman and other artists of that time. Proceeds from our fundraising event will be donated to a local charity organization.

By attending this benefit concert event, you will help keep this extraordinary music alive for generations to come---join us as we share this music with "old-timers" and youth alike!

This event will be performed under THE STAGE Non-Profit wing of Notes n' Beats and all students participating are eligible to apply for service hours.

Show Time: Aug 1st, 5:00P-7:30P 

(Doors Close at 4:50PM)

-Veena Pandiri

CEO & Founder, Notes n' Beats.

How do I take part in the event?

Just submit this simple FORM to audition for the event.

How do I get service hours?

There are different levels of service memberships you can receive by participating in THE STAGE by Notes N' Beats events. To receive credit for your time and effort towards this event, submit your hours via the Volunteer Hours Approval Form. When submitting your form, be sure to inform your Notes n' Beats teacher or a studio administrator about your submission.

Watch our benefit shows from the past

2017 - "Celebrate Life" Benefit Event

Donated to Armor Up For Life Cancer support

2018 - "Destiny" Benefit Event

Donated to Zenaviv - Artists with Autism

2019 - The Fire Charity

Donated to Sitar Arts serving under-privileged children for music education.

2020... here we come!

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