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This evening is not like anything you have seen before.  Ms. Roopa Mahadevan will take children through a journey of Classical Carnatic Music in a way that every child and adult will enjoy.  She will improvise the basics and show how much fun Classical Music can be.  Together, we will create an atmosphere that will leave every child with an interactive, engaging and unique experience.


About Roopa

Roopa Mahadevan is a versatile Indian classical vocalist. Born and raised in Northern California, she received major training in Carnatic vocal music under Asha Ramesh, a disciple of D.K. Jayaraman, and later, through the U.S. Fulbright scholarship, trained under Suguna Varadachari in Chennai, India, disciple of Musiri Subramania Iyer. Roopa has performed in several venues in the U.S. and India, including all major sabhas and the prestigious Music Academy during the December music festival in Chennai. In 2010, she was awarded the title "Kala Ratna" by the Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana for her commitment to Carnatic music as a young American. Roopa has also trained in Bharathanatyam, is a sought-after vocalist for Bharathanatyam performances, and enjoys performing R&B/soul music  and musical theater. She has worked with Karsh Kale and Samrat Chakrabarti, among other contemporary artists, and was a lead soloist for a track on the 2010 Grammy Award-winning album Calling All Albums.

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Coming to VA for the first time!

Click here to see a 3-min video of Indian Raga.


Experience studio recording, sound mixing, video production, teamwork, composition, artistic collaborations, you name it!

Work with our facilitators for CLASSICAL and FUSION LABS and take home a professional recorded video and experience that you can cherish forever.


Talent Needed:

20 Singers (classical and non-classical)

3 Piano players

1 guitarist

Other talent you want to share is also welcome!


Selection Process:

Submit a video recording to info@notesnbeats.com.

Our panel of judges will inform you of the final selection by the 30th of September.


Your commitment:

Once selected, you will be required to pay a recording/facilitator fee of $275.  You will be sent a recording of the composition that you will get to learn and play.  Our able facilitators will work with you in 2 online sessions followed by an in-person rehearsals at our studio on the 18th of October.  The actual professional recording will take place on the 19th of October.


Facilitator of Fusion Labs:

Varun Chitnis of Notes n' Beats

Varun Chitnis has been teaching the piano, harmonium, Hindustani vocals, and guitar for the past two years. Incorporating training techniques from worlds, classical piano and Hindustani comes to him naturally. Varun moved to the US at the age of 19 before which he learnt Hindustani classical vocals for about 5 years, and Classical piano for about 2 years in Mumbai. In the USA, he studied at Shenandoah Conservatory for four years, furthering his piano training. His BA from Shenandoah is in Music Production and Recording Technology. In Los Angeles and Mumbai, he has worked in Recording studios as an Audio Engineer, Composer, Talent, and Intern. For the last year he has been working as a full time music teacher with Notes N' Beats. His other interests include travel, song writing, meditation, politics.


Facilitator of Classical Labs:

Roopa Mahadevan (IndianRaga Fellow)


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*Lockdown can stop us from meeting each other! But it won't stop us from having our ANNUAL RECITAL - This time, it will be online!

Gear up for the recital and many other LIVE ONLINE shows we are organizing - both from teachers and students!

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