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virtual recital & Competition

Students of Notes n' Beats are invited to participate in our first annual Indian Fusion Music Festival!  The festival will feature many different styles of music, in typical Notes n' Beats style.  Music will be both from India and from the West and will include different genres like Indian Classical, Contemporary, Pop Music and Theatre.  But this won't be just any regular Notes N' Beats event---for this festival, we encourage students to perform songs that combine elements of Indian AND Western music in the same song!

Week of APRIL 24th - Indian Fusion Music Festival Recital

The festival will start with a recital in April. The recital will be performed in real-time (NOT pre-recorded, except for drums) on Zoom.  Students that are doing the Drum recital will pre-record their video and submit.  If you are a student who plays multiple instruments (including voice), you are welcome to participate in multiple recitals. 

Each recital will be grouped by age (ages 7 and under, 8-12 and 13 and above).  For each recital, a panel of teachers will evaluate each student and select a few students to advance to a competition in May. 

Week of May 22nd - Semi-Finals of the Indian Fusion Music Festival

Students who make it to this round will perform in REAL-TIME on Zoom. A panel of judges will select students to advance to the final round of the competition.  In this round, students will compete with other students from different disciplines (voice and instruments) within their age category, and a winner and runner-up will be selected from each age group. Our goal is to make this experience similar to America's Got Talent, and encourage all students to give their best. We will have high-profile artists (like winners of reality shows) and industry experts on our judges panel for the final round! You will have an opportunity to receive feedback from industry experts AND the winner and runner-up from each age group will win a cash prize!

Details for the festival are included below. We are excited to provide another opportunity for our students to express themselves in creative, exciting ways!

Festival Details

Festival Dates

  • Recital: Week of 4/24

    • April 24th​

      • 9-10:30am

        • Young Artist Sangeetham + Violin

      • 11:00am-12:30pm​​​

        • Senior + Young Artist Western Vocals

        • Junior Sangeetham, 1st block

      • 1:00pm-2:30pm

        • Junior Sangeetham, 2nd block​

        • Junior Western Vocals

      • 3:00-4:30pm

        • Junior Guitar, 1st block

      • 5:00-6:30pm

        • Junior Guitar (2nd block) + Young Artist category​

        • Senior Piano

    • April 25th

      • 9-10:30am

        • Senior Sangeetham, 1st block

      • 11:00-12:30pm

        • Senior Sangeetham, 2nd block​

        • Junior Piano, 1st block

      • 1:00-2:30pm

        • Junior Piano, 2nd block

      • 3:00-4:30pm

        • Senior Guitar​

        • Young Artist Piano                                                          

      • 5:00-6:30pm

        • Drums Recital

  • Semi-finals: 5/22

  • Finals: 6/26

Festival + Competition Guidelines by Level

  1. Disciplines

    1. Indian Classical

    2. Indian Light

    3. Piano

    4. Guitar

    5. Drum

    6. Western Vocals

  2. Recital: 

    1. All students are allowed to compete at this level

    2. 2 min time limit for each performance --- a few extra seconds is okay!

    3. 3 teachers from each discipline will judge performance according to a grading rubric

  3. Semi-finals:

    1. 3 min time limit per performance.

    2. 3 students from each discipline advance to finals

  4. Finals: 

    1. 4-5 min time limit for performances.

    2. 2 winners are selected to receive prizes at this level! 

  5. Age Groups

    1. Young Artists: Ages 7 and under

    2. Juniors: Ages 8 to 12

    3. Seniors: Ages 13 and above (including adults)

Type of music accepted:

  1. A full Indian song (classical or movie/Bollywood song)

  2. An Indian song with an improvisational element

  3. Indian music with a Western mix

  4. A Western song with an Indian mix

  5. A Western song (applies ONLY to Western Vocal students)

Guidelines for Drum Recordings

Every Recording must follow the guidelines below:

  • Introduce Yourself and your song at the beginning of your performance and take a bow at the end.

  • Recording can be around 2 minutes long

  • Once recording, name the file (see below) and upload to: 2021 Drum Submissions

  • NAME OF FILE: You must name the file as follows: <First Name>_<LastName>_<TeacherName>

  • If using a track, its volume cannot overtake the singers' or musicians' voice/instrument

  • Camera MUST be set on a steady surface

  • Camera should be set up horizontally rather than vertically (landscape not portrait mode)
  • Choose an interesting background - with pictures or a colored wall, etc. 

  • Camera must show both student and instrument properly

  • Camera SHOULD NOT FACE a source of light---Light source should be BEHIND the camera


Fees & Additional Steps

Recital Fee

There is a $25/student recital fee.  There is NO additional fee for entering the competition. Note that it is $25/student, even if you are performing different instruments and voice on account of doing multiple lessons with us. You cannot be part of the competition without being part of the recital.  However, you can choose to ONLY be in the recital and NOT be part of the competition.

If you do not wish to participate in the recital, you can OPT-out by April 5th.  To opt-out, you MUST send an email to ritu@notesnbeats.com by April 5th, otherwise you will be charged $25 recital/festival fee on April 6th.

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