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Online & In-Person Classical Indian Music Lessons  

The Indian Classical Program at our academy of music, referred to as the Swaram Program, was formed by the mom and daughter duo in Ashburn, VA. Both mother (Smt. Umarani) and daughter (Ms. Veena) teach music out of great passion and interest. They take special care to understand the child and get involved with their likes and dislikes as they impart music education. Our online and in-person classical Indian vocal lessons are a wonderful way to learn more about the Indian culture. Our Indian singing classes have been getting quite a good response from all the students and parents.


Smt. Umarani is an All India Radio artist from Visakhapatnam, India. She has performed at several places across the world and received accolades from celebrities like Ghantasala, S. Rajeswara Rao, K.V. Mahadevan, S.P. Kodhandapani. She is a holder of Diploma in Carnatic classical music and has been running a music school in India for over 20 years now. Her students have received accolades and praises in several Indian reality music shows both in the US and in India.


Mrs. Veena as a voice trainer has trained several kids and adults in both Classical as well as non-Classical music. She takes pride in “connecting” with children and in making all of the singing lessons interesting for the students while giving them the lessons they need. Veena is also the female voice of the Indian music band called “Spandan” that performs in the Washington DC metro area.

Both of them are passionate about experimenting with Western Harmonies in Indian Classical music and mixing different styles of music to provide impressionable singing lessons for kids of today. Training in performing solo or as a group chorus or as an A Capella or in ensembles with other instruments are all part of the curriculum in building a deep and broad grasp on music.

Some of the very accomplished teachers and singers have now joined the Indian Music Teacher Team at Notes n' Beats - Ms. Aswathy Vijayan, Dr. Ramaa Pusthakam, Mr. Gopika Sinha (Hindustani), Ms. Indu Prakasam, Ms. Swetha Ashok, Ms. Chitra Sridhar and Ms. Savitha Raghavendran and Mr. Vishnu Ashok (Violin) also teach at the institute and bring a wide range of diversity and knowledge to the students. Sign up for our online and in-person classical Indian vocal lessons, and you will have the opportunity to be taught by a talented group of professionals who has a passion for music. If you are someone looking for Indian music classes online or offline, Notes n’ Beats is just the place for you!

Upcoming Events

Virtual Halloween Recital 2020


10am-12: Recital for Students of Mr. Stephen G, Mr. Nick, and Mr. Curtis

2-3:30pm: Recital for Students of Ms. Kari

4-6pm: Recital for Students of Mr. Steven V

6:30-8:30pm: Recital for Students of Ms. Christina


10am-12: Sangeetham Recital


7:30-9:30pm: Recital for Students of Mr. Will


7:00-9:00pm: Recital for Students of Mr. Matt


7:00-9:00pm: Recital for Students of Mr. Thomas


10am-12: Sangeetham Recital

2-4pm: Recital for Students of Ms. Veronica

4:30-6:30pm: Recital for Students of Mr. Joe

7-9pm: Recital for Students of Mr. Gabe


10am-12: Sangeetham Recital 

Indian Vocals


Structure of our classes

We strongly believe in a very strong foundation of classical concepts to Indian vocals. But we believe in newer ways to teaching that include not just "saadhana" to become perfect with pitch and rhythm but also include "application oriented" education.  All of our online and in-person classical Indian vocal lessons include discussion of music history and theory.  Along with Classical training, we teach semi-classical songs of many "vaaggeyakaaras" like Annamacharya, Ramadas, Jayadeva, Mirabhai. Our every vocal coach has a huge passion for explaining the "why" behind music. In our online and in-person classical Indian vocal lessons, we include theory in our lessons.  We also teach "notation" to popular songs like movie songs and bhajans.  As such, students "see" and "hear" how the classical music training is applied to other forms of music. Innovative techniques like art in music or training in other genres like popular songs in multiple languages, quizzes are all included in our curriculum.  Hands-on projects and producing and performing creative musical compositions bring our classes to life, because students begin to see how their classical music foundation is applied.  Children get intimately involved in those activities because these are usually group projects and are fun.  Mixed in with a hint of folk and movie music, our singing lessons give songs at your fingertips and allows you to share them during festivals, birthday parties, karaoke parties and more. 

Training for Competitions and Certifications

We do COMPETITIVE TRAINING and many of our students had won local and US-wide competitions like Padutha Theeyaga, DHIM-TANA, KAGW, Tarana, 3ii International, Golden Mic Competitions, etc.  With pain staking focus on swarasthanam, gamakam, thaalam, melody, expression and improving voice culture, our vocal coach give as much time as is needed for our extensive rehearsals for competitions as well as for performances year-round.  Join me in congratulating some of our students who study music ONLINE with us: Tarun Donipati (Winner of Dhim-TANA Nationals 2018), Karthik Jayanthi (Playback singer), Siri Pragna Vellanki (Golden Mic Winner in all 3 categories), Anjana Sowmya (Paadutha Theeyaga), Abhigya Yenaganti (DHIM-TANA Winner), Aakash Kolluri (GWTCS) and Mrudula Manepalli (Sampada Silicon Andhra).  Also, please congratulate our in-person students Medha Ghattu (Silicon Andhra Competition), Riya Jacob (KAGW), Akshaya Pajjuri and Sritha Pendli (Silicon Andhra Competitions).

Next Steps - What do our students do with their music education?

We also have a huge passion to bring arrangements that blend classical music with non-classical music.  Students of our school produce music videos with utmost professionalism whether it is through their experiences in our piano classes or beginner drum lessons. Some of our students have already ventured into "fusion" music and produced their own albums.  Some students have taken their music lessons and education to the movie industry and have become music directors of several web-series shows and movies as well.  Most of our classical music students take on critical roles in our annual charity performances and gala events, where they not only perform as classical musicians but also perform in rock bands and in ensembles. Whether they are taking Indian vocal lessons, guitar lessons beginners, or any other musical instrument classes, students have the best opportunity to learn and broaden their horizons.


Light Music & Competitive Singing

Whether you are classically trained or not, you may have the potential to learn songs in light music and semi-classical music. In our Indian classical voice training lessons, a vocal coach prepare students to participate in competitions like Zee Sa Re Ga Ma, Paadutha Theeyaga, Super Singer etc in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages.  A great deal of attention is given to sing with perfect Sruthi, Laya, Gamakam with clarity, Bhaavam (emotion) and stage presence.  Students who want to sign up for this competitive training must finish an audition before being selected for training.

Some of our teachers are themselves winners of reality shows like Zee SaReGaMa or have trained many singers like Anjana Sowmya and prepared them to win accolades in several local and US-wide competitions.

Early Introduction to Music (Early Swaram)
Ages 4 - 5.5

In this fun filled program, we bring a nurturing and a learning environment to the young minds. Kids are exposed to the fundamentals of music such as rhythm and scale in a fun environment - to set them up for great success as they grow. You can expect the following in this in-person classical Indian singing lessons:

  • Interactive and engaging for the kids

  • Introduction to Sruthi (scale) and Thaalam (Rhythm) via fun activities

  • Some hands-on work, rhythm and music related arts

  • Small songs and slokas that they can sing rather than narrate

  • Slow introduction to the actual classical lessons

  • Shorter sessions (30 mintues long) to keep the child focused

  • Suited for a typical 4 or 5 or 6 year old. The kid can transition to the next level based on their musical inclination and ability to focus on tougher concepts.

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All Videos

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Raaravenu Feat
Raamadaasa Keerthana
A Fusion Attempt in Reeti Gowla Ragam
Beginner Students' Swara Kalpana in Mohana Ragam (Vara Veena)
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