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Our belief

Music is all around us.  It expresses emotions and tells stories.  It defines culture.  It is an experience - very personal to oneself!

We believe that once you discover the beauty and love for music, you will have found a companion for life!  So, we consciously find creative ways to partner with our students to inculcate the LOVE and RESPECT for music.  

We truly believe that a foundation in music is a necessity for every individual and most importantly, during early childhood years.  There is an increasing amount of research and evidence proving the many positive benefits of music in the areas of improving discipline and focus especially, happiness.  

Our curriculum

We believe in a foundation that is strong and clear.  We incorporate Classical study into our foundational lessons and build on that.  Performance is a big part of loving music and EVERY student at our program gets an opportunity to perform - on a big or small stage. 


Wondering how we keep track of them all?  Have you been in a situation where your child keep learning music but you just do not know what they are learning and where they are progressing to?  To specifically answer these questions, we designed an all-new curriculum (copyrighted in 2016) to ensure complete CREATIVE FREEDOM but also to teach concepts and techniques in a progressive cumulative way and where you, as the parent, can be involved in the progress of your family's music education. 

Our teaching style

Our style of training is formal, yet relaxed.  We work in private and group sessions that are small in size.  Each of it has its own advantages.  Group-based training allows students to motivate each other.  Most individuals find it more fun to be part of a team as they can learn from each other.  Private lessons give the student the ability to progress at his or her own pace.

At Notes n' Beats, music goes beyond lessons.  We grow into a community of music lovers that meet on a regular basis to share and talk about music, jam and connect with each other.  We like to include the entire family in our students' musical journey.  Performances are a big part of what we do.  We perform multiple times in an intimate setting but also train selected students to our speciality shows that are open to the public.  Many of our students take ownership in our speciality events (mostly charity events) and develop a strong sense of leadership, team working skills, a certain discipline in organization and a level of compassion for others. All the things we do are centered around building CREATIVITY, CONFIDENCE AND TEAM SPIRIT among our students.

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Instrumental Classes in Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Violin

Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano, guitar, violin, or drums! In our instrumental classes, you will learn the classical methods of playing your instrument while exploring different genres of music---from Indian music, to western classical, pop, rock, and more. Our instructors are Western classically trained musicians that have years of experience playing a wide variety of musical genres, in addition to years of teaching experience. Learn more about our different instrument programs by exploring the links below---and if you're ready to take the plunge with a FREE trial lesson, click the link below!

Guitar Students perform "Give Me Some Sunshine" at our "Fire" Fundraiser Event -2019

Vihaan Vedi performs Metallica's "Enter Sandman" for our 2020 Virtual Annual Recital

Vocal Students Perform Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide"

Western Vocal Classes

Whether you want to study classical, rock, or pop music, we have it all. In Western vocal lessons, you'll develop the correct techniques for breath support, placement of sound, posture, and many other fundamental concepts that help students grow into talented singers. We believe that by understanding these techniques, a student can explore any musical genre of their choosing. Want to learn more? Check out our Western Vocal page (link below). If you'd like to see what Western Vocal lessons can do for you, sign up for a FREE trial lesson below!

Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Vocals

Starting with the basics of Indian Classical music, we discover the 7 "swaras" along with "Thaalam (Taal).  We do many things in this class - learn to sing as well as discuss music history, theory, introduction to other forms of music, etc.  Hands-on projects and producing and performing creative musical compositions bring our classes to life as children get intimately involved in those activities.   Along with Classical training, we learn semi-classical songs of many "vaaggeyakaaras" like Annamacharya, Ramdas, Jayadeva.  Mixed in with a hint of folk and movie music, our lessons give songs at your fingertips and allows you to share them during festivals, birthday parties, karaoke parties and more.

We do COMPETITIVE TRAINING and many of our students train won local and US-wide competitions like DHIM-TANA, KAGW, Tarana, etc.  With pain staking focus on swarasthanam, gamakam, thaalam, melody, expression and improving voice culture, our teachers give as much time as is needed for our extensive rehearsals for competitions as well as for performances year-round.

Light Music & Competitive Singing

Whether you are classically trained or not, you may have the potential to learn songs in light music and semi-classical music.  We prepare students to participate in competitions like Paadutha Theeyaga, Super Singer etc in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam languages.     A great deal of attention is given to sing with perfect Sruthi, Laya, Gamakam with clarity, Bhaavam (emotion) and stage presence.  Students who want to sign up for this competitive training must finish an audition before being selected for training.

Our teachers have trained many singers like Anjana Sowmya and prepared them to win accolades in several local and US-wide competitions.

Early Introduction to Music (Early Swaram)
Ages 4 - 5.5

In this fun filled program, we bring a nurturing and a learning environment to the young minds. kids are exposed to the fundamentals of music such as rhythm and scale in a fun environment - to set them up for great success as they grow. You can expect the following in this program:

  • Interactive and engaging for the kids

  • Introduction to Sruthi (scale) and Thaalam (Rhythm) via fun activities

  • Some hands-on work, rhythm and music related arts

  • Small songs and slokas that they can sing rather than narrate

  • Slow introduction to the actual classical lessons

  • Shorter sessions (30 mintues long) to keep the child focused

  • Suited for a typical 4 or 5 or 6 year old. The kid can transition to the next level based on their musical inclination and ability to focus on tougher concepts.

All Videos

All Videos

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Raaravenu Feat
"Maple Leaf Rag" performed by Koya Takemura
A Fusion Attempt in Reeti Gowla Ragam
Vishnu Ashok - Mahaganapathim
Amy Winehouse's "Valerie" performed by Ashika Ganta
Beginner Students' Swara Kalpana in Mohana Ragam (Vara Veena)
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