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Notes n' Beats is an in-studio and online academy of music in Ashburn, VA. We believe that classical methods of teaching best lay a musical foundation for our students giving them a musicianship centered around classical pedagogy while exploring other genres like pop, rock, musical theater and taking Indian vocal lessons.  During this period of cultural diversity in our society, we also find ourselves to have the unique fortune of bringing excellency in training in the Western, Indian and diverse styles of music for younger generations.


This diversity means that our students have the leeway to explore a wide variety of musical styles, and discover their identity both as musicians and as people. They can choose courses such as Indian classical lessons, taking a more traditional musical route, or they can take online guitar lessons which embrace a modern musical identity. The beauty of our structure is that they could go either way and still get the very best learning experience and plenty of opportunities to collaborate, perform and step out of their comfort zones.


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Notes n' Beats explores the endless possibilities to bring out the creative energy in music.  Notes n' Beats conducts lessons in music through concepts that are modern and contemporary but that are based on a strong Classical foundation. Every music teacher at our academy is highly proficient in the art of vocals and music. We are an in-studio and academy of music in Ashburn, VA, that brings the unity in diversity of music by producing and performing creative arrangements that involve multiple genres of music like Indian Classical, Western Classical, Rock, Pop and Bollywood. Students get ample opportunities to grow musically, whether that be through collaborative performances, our music summer camp, or interactive learning sessions.


Mar 19, 530-8P, Berklee Indian Ensemble's "Shuruaat"

Jul 2023, High Tide Charity Event


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In-Studio & Online Instruction

Ashburn & Brambleton Locations


Lessons virtually anywhere in the world.


44190 Waxpool Rd, Suite 162

Ashburn VA 20147

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