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- ONLINE Courses -

one-one & Group format

Online Piano, Voice, Guitar & Drums 

Get the same level of rigor in structure and teaching methods even in our virtual online program.  Whether it is a 1-1 lesson or group or band classes, our teachers have years of best practices to rely on, in conducting virtual lessons.  Plus you can learn from the comfort of your home via our ONLINE school.  You will still be part of our acclaimed recitals in-person (if you can come) or virtually.

For all ages - call for pricing.

Sights & Sounds Vocal Class

Introduce your child to the magic of music-making with our “Sights & Sounds” class! Designed specifically for children who have little experience with reading/singing music, this Kodaly-based music instruction will allow your child to explore melodies and rhythms through games and simple songs. By the end of the 8-week course, children will have an understanding of how to read music, and will have more confidence in their listening/singing skills. It’s our hope that by the end of the class, your child will be able to learn music at the speed of light!  For ages 4-6.

Class is taught by Ms. Christina, who is formally trained in the Kodaly method of voice instruction.

Course length: 8 weeks

Pricing: $199

Spice it up with Latin American Guitar

In this class, guitar students will focus exclusively on music of Latin America. Geared toward students who already have experience in playing guitar, students will learn about the history of Latin American music and will learn how to play selected songs. Add some flavor to your child’s life with this dynamic class!

Class is taught by Mr. Juan, who is pursing a doctoral degree in guitar at this time.

Course length: 8 weeks

Pricing: $249

Music & Technology - Intro to Music Production


If you’re a fan of creating your own music tracks, then this class is for you. Through this course, students will be introduced to the art of producing music using programs such as Garage Band, and will learn about the technology involved in creating popular music. By the end of the class, your child will understand how to create their own beats and music tracks using different production techniques. Tap into your inner music producer with this course!

Class is taught by Mr. Steven, who is the audio/music arranger/producer at Notes n' Beats.

Course length: 8 weeks

Pricing: $199


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