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march 6, 2019
voice of the masters

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Music is all around us.  It expresses emotions and tells stories.  It defines culture.  It is an experience - very personal to oneself!  We believe that once you discover the beauty and love for music, you will have found a companion for life!  So, we consciously find creative ways to partner with our students to inculcate the LOVE and RESPECT for music.  

We truly believe that a foundation in music is a necessity for every individual and most importantly, during early childhood years.  There is an increasing amount of research and evidence proving the many positive benefits of music in the areas of improving discipline and focus especially, happiness.  

feb 1, 2019

We believe in a foundation that is strong and clear.  We incorporate Classical into our foundational lessons and build on that.  Performance is a big part of loving music and EVERY student at our program gets an opportunity to perform - on a big or small stage. 


Wondering how we keep track of them all?  Have you been in a situation where your child keep learning music but you just do not know what they are learning and where they are progressing to?  To specifically answer these questions, we designed an all-new curriculum (copyrighted in 2016) to ensure complete CREATIVE FREEDOM but also to teach concepts and techniques in a progressive cumulative way. 

jan 1, 2019

Most of the things we do in our daily lives teach us to use the left brain which is the center for language, math and symbols.  Music stimulates the right part of the brain which are the centers for imagination, association and creativity.  This allows us to start assimilating information in a more complex way - such as recognizing rhythms, pitch, overlapping music such as harmonies, etc.  These eventually enable the left brain to interpret complex patterns and mathematical concepts in a better way while improving the ability to focus on difficult tasks.  

Anita Collins, in her TED ed talk states that Music stimulates auditory, visual and motor skills in the brain all working simultaneously. Watch this very interesting video by Anita Collins on "How playing an instrument benefits your brain".

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NnB Annual Recital: Apr 24-26

Location: Farmwell Station Middle

Sangeetham: Apr 24: 7-9P

Western Classical/Pop Apr 25, 26:


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*All New Guitar Master Class and Stringing Workshop coming up


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