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- 2020 HALLOWEEN recital -

virtual recital

Section 1

Gear Up, Dress Up and Get Spooky

for the 2020 Virtual Halloween Recital at Notes n' Beats!

Students of Notes n' Beats are invited to participate in our Virtual Halloween Recital in October.  Students will record their performance piece at home, per the guidelines below, and submit their pre-recorded video to us via the form below.  You must register to the approved Notes n 'Beats social media platforms, so that we can seamlessly broadcast the student's video and invite you for the actual recital time.  Students will be informed of their recital date soon.

Section 2

Guidelines to Record Your Piece

Every Recording must follow the guidelines below:

  • Recording cannot be more than 2 minutes long (For Duets, Bands and Songs with tracks, it can be 3mins long)

  • Student should be in a Halloween Costume! (Well, if you absolutely don't want to be in a costume, then, wear something nice but hey, join the fun and be a sport!)

  • The recording device should be close to you so we can hear you and see you

  • Camera MUST be set on a steady surface

  • Camera should be set up horizontally rather than vertically (landscape not portrait mode)

  • Choose an interesting background - with pictures or a colored wall, etc. 

  • Camera must show both student and instrument properly

  • Camera SHOULD NOT FACE a source of light---Light source should be BEHIND the camera

  • Refer to "Setting for Devices Doc" for changing to correct settings

  • If using a track, its volume cannot overtake the singers' or musicians' voice/instrument

  • All submissions must be complete by 18th of Oct, 2020 11.59PM.

Section 3

How to submit your recording

(Set aside 30mins for this)

There is a $25/student recital fee to cover for the extra hours of work that we have to do in reviewing and editing and uploading the music for our recitals.  We will charge your account on file as soon as your music is submitted to us.

For students who performed in our May 2020 Virtual Recital:

Go To Section 4.

For Students who have NOT performed in our May 2020 Virtual Recital:

You must do the following so that we can seamlessly broadcast every student's performance on our virtual platforms during each recital.

  1. Click on the Notes n' Beats Facebook Page and like our page AND/OR

  2. Subscribe to the Notes n' Beats YouTube Channel AND/OR

  3. Follow the Notes n Beats Instagram page

  4. Go to your email SPAM setting and ensure you can receive emails from because you will receive a confirmation email with links within 0-24 hrs, after you enter the data below.   You must register to above links and enter correct usernames below.

Success. Your content has been submitted.

Error - All boxes must be filled.  Type 'None' if you don't have one of those accounts.  But you must give us at least 2 valid ones.

PS: All fields have to be filled.  If you leave any blank, the box will be outlined in orange and you will not get the confirmation page.

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