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- 2017 NOTES N' BEATS -

CELEbrate life with music

Fundraiser for and

June 4, 2017 | 5P-7P | Tally Ho Theatre, Leesburg

My Story

In April of last year, for 10 days, I did not know if I would live or die. The results of the biopsy had not come back yet and my brain was swirling, thinking about my 10- and 8-year-olds and how Raj, my husband, could possibly take care of them. Lucky for me, my cancer was treatable!! 

Throughout my journey with cancer, one thing that stood out most for me was the importance of having a balance of mental and physical strength. I wish I was stronger in both! Music brought me peace and joy, which gave me mental strength throughout my treatment. I continued to work in my business and work-out physically through my chemotherapy. By focusing on these things, and along with endless love and support from family and friends, I was able to get back onto my feet sooner than what the doctors had expected of me.

Giving back through Gratitude

Surviving from the blows of death gives me a feeling of immense gratitude to everyone around me and I want to share this message with everyone.

“Celebrate LIFE with Music” is a music event to promote happiness and well-being.  The concert brings together diverse genres of music and cultures that reflect on the unity in diversity of various musical forms from Classical, Rock and Pop music in the West to that far East in India and can be equally enjoyable to people of all ages - all the way from Beethovan to Bahubali!


Celebrate LIFE with Music will help others!

Proceeds from this event will be donated to the 2 non-profit organizations:

  • Asha-Jyothi  - conducts free screening clinics for rural people in India

  • ArmorUpForLife  - provides fitness solutions for cancer patients.

How can YOU Help?

I hope you will help support the event:

Many local businesses are giving away door prizes at the event as well.

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