- 2020 ANNUAL recital -

virtual recital

Lockdown can stop us from being together in person.

But it will not stop us from celebrating our Annual Recital.

Gear up for the 2020 VIRTUAL Recital at Notes n' Beats!

Students of Notes n' Beats are invited to participate in our VIRTUAL Annual Recital for 2020.  Students will record their performance piece at home, per the guidelines below, and submit their pre-recorded video to us via the form below.  You must register to the approved Notes n 'Beats social media platforms, so that we can seamlessly broadcast the student's video and invite you for the actual recital time.  Students will be informed of their recital date soon.

Additionally, there will be a special event called "HIGHLIGHTS REEL" conducted on the 24th of May, from 10A-12P.  For this event, some SELECT performances will be hand-picked and will be telecast on our LIVE platform.  So, we ask every student to give your best performance in your recording!

Guidelines to Record Your Piece

Every Recording must follow the guidelines below:

  • Recording cannot be more than 2 minutes long (For Duets and Bands, it can be 3mins long)

  • Student must be dressed formally (Western or any Ethnic outfit)

  • Camera must be set on a steady surface

  • If background is a blank wall or green or blue screen, that is even better.

  • Camera must show both student and instrument properly

  • Camera SHOULD NOT FACE a source of light---Light source should be BEHIND the camera

  • Refer to "Setting for Devices Doc" for changing to correct settings

  • Camera should be set up horizontally rather than vertically (landscape not portrait mode)

  • If using a track, its volume cannot overtake the singers' or musicians' voice/instrument

  • All submissions must be complete by 17th of May, 2020 11.59PM.

For making it to the "HIGHLIGHT REEL" special event, the selection process will take the following into account:

  • Level of Musicality (Perfection in pitch, rhythm, tone, melody, etc)

  • Diversity in music - style, genre, language, etc

  • Quality of sound in the recording

  • Quality of the video lighting and composition

  • Level of Creativity in the production - creativity can be many forms - musicality, ensemble setting, background, video production, etc.

How to submit your recording

(Set aside 30mins for this)

There is NO Recital Fee for participating in this event.  However, you must have noticed the extra help that the teachers are putting in for your music lessons/recital.  If you appreciate the excessive work our staff is doing, you can pledge a contribution towards our "THE STAGE NON-PROFIT".  This is a 501(c)3 org, which means your funds are tax deductible.  Funds from THE STAGE are donated to the underprivileged in areas of health and education.

In order to submit your recording, you must do the following so that we can seamlessly broadcast every student's performance on our virtual platforms during each recital.  You must use the CORRECT ids that you use for the respective social media as the system will do a string match to verify if you subscribed or not.

  1. Click on the Notes n' Beats Facebook Page and like our page.​

  2. Subscribe to the Notes n' Beats YouTube Channel

  3. Follow the Notes n Beats Instagram page

  4. Subscribe to the Notes n Beats Twitter page

  5. Go to your email SPAM setting and ensure you can receive emails from info@notesnbeats.com because you will receive a confirmation email with links within 0-24 hrs, after you enter the data below.   You must register to above links and enter correct usernames below.

PS: All fields have to be filled.  If you leave any blank, the box will be outlined in orange and you will not get the confirmation page.

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*Lockdown can stop us from meeting each other! But it won't stop us from having our ANNUAL RECITAL - This time, it will be online!

Gear up for the recital and many other LIVE ONLINE shows we are organizing - both from teachers and students!

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